We, Sphynx, are a cat breed with a very special look.

Due to a natural genetic mutation called "Hypotrichosis Congenita",  we are (almost) naked but not totally hairless. There is a fine down on our body which feels like a warm peach.

Although our special appearance is what shocks or intrigues most of you, you love us or you hate us but we don't let anybody indifferent!
Raki and Robin
In one's birthday suit, without eyebrows or whiskers, my physical appearance is not the best feature of my endearing person, my best asset remains my incomparable personality, my sweet temper, my intelligence, sociability and friendliness.

Always in front line, very clever, a bit crook, I'm all eyes, all ears!

With my E.T. look, I am not racist at all and I can get along very well with the "hairy ones": I like other cats, dogs but above all I adore my owner...
If by chance, I meet another naked one, then... what a joy! ...we'll become inseparable friends for ever!

Because of the lack of hair which normally absorbs the body oils, I need to be bathed periodically but as I'm accustomed to it from kittehood, I don't dislike it too much!

In Summer, I tan and then my colors become really splendid but as you, I must be carefull not to get sunburned!

In Winter, if I'm cold, I look for a friend to curl up with, a warm bed cover or preferably a human to invade...

If I look fragile, don't be mistaken, I am as robust as any other breed and  I do not require, except for much, much attention and love, more care than any other cat!

My origins go back to long ago...
Kitties enjoying a large plate of pate, how wonderful!

Picture courtesy of Rebekah Lewis,
Moonmajik cattery, USA